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The Hagglunds BV-206 Africa
The BV-206 All Terrain vehicle is an unrivalled transporter for Africa.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

You can access areas that wheeled vehicles cannot..

Tracks and Under Carriage

Rubber reinforced with Kevlar Cord

Amphibious Capability and Recreational Use

No preparation required.
It floats due to the vehicle displacement being greater than the weight, and the tracks propel you up to 4 KPH.
Land speeds up to 55 KPH.
Vehicle Versatility

Power Train

More Than Enough Power

Tracks and Under Carriage

Rubber reinforced with Kevlar Cord

The Hagglunds BV-206 Africa

You are only limited by your imagination for the use of the rear section.

The Hagglunds BV-206

Best for extreme tourism, fishing and hunting

BV-206 Vehicle Uses and Advantages

The BV-206 AT Vehicle builds on a very beneficial engineering solution on a hinged joint basis.
BV-206 represents an articulated vehicle mounted on two track rollers.
The structure has been in use for more than 20 years and has demonstrated the undoubted advantages of the facilities made on its basis.
This is the key feature making BV-206 capable of moving over any landscape type and snow cover and easily crossing river lines.

Link-drive steering gear in the link between the vehicle two parts ensures its excellent maneuverability, especially on turns.
The turning radius, even at full load, does not exceed 8 meters. BV-206 tracks are not made of steel, and instead use nylon-cord rubber.
This engineering solution allowed an almost double reduction in the vehicle weight. The tracks are driven by twinned profiled drive sprockets and supported by two identical rows of roller supports.

BV-206 vehicle Uses

Tourist Transportation
Game Management
Anti-poaching Operations
Forest Management
Insect Eradication
Water Transporter
Cargo Transport
Fire Fighting
Search and Rescue
Humanitarian Assistance
Fish Farming
Shoreline Conservation
Power and Utility Line Construction and Maintenance
Disaster Relief
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development